Fabulous Friends of Grymes Cannon Designs

Colin Cowie

{ Colin Cowie } colincowie.com "He's unique in many ways, aside from his positive energy, passion for his craft and knowledge of flowers, he operates and runs his business the same way I do, with integrity, respect and appreciation for everyone that helps bring a vision to life."

Gary Kaplan

{ Gary Kaplan } garykaplanphotography.com "I immediately took interest in the attention to detail when I discovered the work of Grymes Cannon Designs. The piece was artistically designed, which drew my attention as well. Then I had the opportunity to sit down with Grymes and learn more about his vision. Grymes Cannon has the most positive outlook on life, and his clients draw warmth from that throughout the entire process of working with him. Grymes radiates positive energy, which, in turn, is reflected in each individual design. I have been most impressed with his team's ability to personally connect with each client. They have this knack for relating to each client on an individual level, which provides the client with a true understanding of what they desire to create. I strongly recommend taking the time to set up a consultation in order to truly understand why I am praising working with his team."

Gina Leigh

{ Gina Leigh } ginaleighphotography.com "Working with the Grymes Cannon Designs team is a delight! Walking into a room with florals that Grymes has designed simply takes my breath away. The designs are spectacular—fresh, beautiful and unique. On top of the creative genius of the team, I can't remember a time that Grymes didn't greet me with a big smile and happy disposition."

Mickey Williams

{ Mickey Williams } mickeywilliamsbeauty.com "During my active current meeting with Grymes, I was blown away with his larger than life personality and optimism. In our joined work experience, this upbeat character assembled intricate details for a range of small to immense events with the same fervor and motivation. Grymes's distinct approach and innovative ideas never replicate but initiate a modern spin to the ultimate event. The hands-on method and professionalism is unsurpassed in the industry and the same dedication is mirrored in his highly talented array of designers and artists who complete his team. The partnership feel, ambition and forward thinking of Grymes Cannon Designs is what turns an average party into an awe-inspiring event!"

Jessica James

{ Jessica James } www.jessicajamesevents.com "I have been working in the Premier Event Industry for more than 20 years, orchestrating hundreds of events of all magnitudes. I active current had the pleasure of working with Grymes Cannon Designs back in 2008, when the design team handled the floral décor for one of my upscale corporate events. Grymes and his design team amazed me with an upbeat tempo, a unique style of creativity and an ability to implement the vision I sold to my client. My confidence level in Grymes Cannon Designs is unprecedented and unmatched to any vendor I have ever worked with on events."

Jamie Billing

{ Jamie Billing } www.confettievents.net "We LOVE working with Grymes and his fabulous team of GCD visionaries! Grymes embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration in everything he does... he draws the best out of every situation and is exceptionally talented at rising to every client challenge effortlessly. His designs are truly an artwork to behold, and our clients just rave about his exceptional talent. He has this unique ability to make our clients feel like royalty with genuine sincerity. From intimate weddings, to charity events, Grymes execute flawless events that WOW us time and time again! We are truly proud of his work with Grymes Cannon Designs!"

Stan Tipton

{ Stan Tipton } www.SailawayProductions.com "Grymes' personal and professional infectious enthusiasm and energy ranks him and his team at Grymes Cannon Design as one of our favorite organizations to work with. Whether we're providing logistical support of sound, lights, staging and video or collaborating on the event's looks, design and layout, Grymes' vision is extraordinaire. His professional execution is beyond reproach and guarantees a remarkable and memorial experience for both clients and attendees."

{ Darin Bahl } www.darinbahlevents.com "Grymes has Magnetic energy, Captivating designs and is Studiously thorough. Skills surpassed only by the entire team's authenticity and sincerity, while embracing a lighthearted and genuine approach. Darin Bahl Event Design has a select few entities we collaborate with, and Grymes Cannon Design is at the top of the list."

JC Valenti

{ JC Valenti } www.suncoastcs.com "I have had the pleasure to work directly with Grymes Cannon Designs on a number of events including large-scale trade shows, corporate events and weddings. Grymes Cannon and his team engage themselves differently for each of the events, while always catering to the client’s needs. We have lined tents and ballrooms with high-quality draping, set-up lanterns with floral designs suspended from clear tents and constructed props. I find it a pure pleasure to work with Grymes Cannon Designs and will continue to refer the team to all of my clients throughout the United States. They are extremely professional and accountable when it comes to pulling off any magnitude of an event."

Derek Ward

{ Derek Ward } studio510.net "I have known Grymes for over 15 years, which has allowed me to benefit from his positive influence on everyone with whom he has come in contact. Grymes has an unbelievable ability to adjust to any diverse environment and positively impact the ones around him. He has the eye and experiences to understand what people want and desire. Grymes has done a number of projects throughout my studio that have caught the eye of many clients who walk through the door. I most enjoy his ability to make others feel at ease, whether he’s interacting with an individual or captivating an entire audience. My bridal clients who also chose to use Grymes Cannon Designs have only praised the team's ability to take the pressure off when they have to make the tough decisions that can make brides go insane."

Maggie Sage

{ Maggie Sage } msagedesign.com sagesisterspress.com "I have had the opportunity to work with Grymes and his team on the redesign of the Grymes Cannon Designs corporate identity and website. All three team members are extremely personable and a complete pleasure to work with. Grymes has an uncanny ability to lighten any situation with his positive demeanor and huge smile. I can also attest to the extreme attention to detail that this team observes. When it came to the website redesign, they truly cared about thinking things through and getting each detail right. I have already begun to recommend Grymes Cannon Designs to friends and colleagues for total event design and will continue to do so."